William Brown: Teenage girl’s robber handed two-year sentence in Tamworth

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A YOUNG woman who was robbed as she waited for a cab in the early hours of the morning has had her attacker brought to justice. Judge Jeffery McLennan sentenced William Brown to a two-year intensive correctional order in Tamworth District Court earlier this month. The teenage victim was walking along Peel Street after a night out in May last year when she was confronted by 26-year-old Brown. It was about 2am on a Sunday, May 6, 2018, when Brown approached the victim, grabbed her by the shirt and ripped her wallet out of her hand. Brown sprinted down Peel Street with the girl’s Mimco wallet containing $50 in cash, cards and her medication, headed towards Darling Street. Read also: A tip off from a community member helped Tamworth police find Brown, officers took a dog squad to a service station on Goonoo Goonoo Road a day after the robbery. Brown was given a 25 per cent discount in the district court for his early guilty plea and a Form 1 stalk and intimidate charge was taken into account in his sentencing. Want more court and crime news? Subscribe to the Leader to read it here first


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