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Happy acting prime minister Michael McCormack eve! Are you excited yet?

But before we get to what is sure to be a magical and unforgettable time, full of gravitas and deep thinking, we have to get through Wednesday.

I know, I know. But the faster we do it, the faster we can get to what is sure to be one of the most excruciating question times of all time. And that is saying something.

Overnight, we saw China state media praise Scott Morrison for his response to the Gladys Liu issue.

The Global Times published this piece from Chen Hong, a professor at the East China Normal University’s Australian Studies Centre. As the Australian Financial Review reported:

“It was a decent gesture that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison condemned the defamation of Liu’s political allegiance, calling such finger-pointing as ‘casting a smear on Chinese Australians’,” Professor Chen wrote.

“Recognisably, Morrison’s justification of Liu is not without partisan motive, but for the 1.2 million Chinese Australians who have been subject to unjust suspicion and bigotry, such remarks are significant.

“In contrast to his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull’s reckless spoiling of the AustraliaChina relations, clear reason and judgment have prevailed for Morrison.”

That comes ahead of Morrison’s trip to the United States, where he will be a guest at only the second state dinner Donald Trump has ever held.

It’s going to be a delicate balance for Morrison, as it always is, given the importance of both China and the US to Australia’s own trade – and that is a very touchy subject for both the US and China at the moment.

Meanwhile, the questions over Gladys Liu continue. The Herald Sun had this article this morning:

Besieged MP Gladys Liu promised on Chinese social media she would write references for foreign students in return for volunteering on her campaign at this year’s federal election.

The references, to help the students find jobs which could lead to permanent residency, came along with the offer of internships in her office if she was elected in Chisholm.

Mathias Cormann will have to give an explanation to the Senate this morning, at about 9.30, after a Labor motion was passed late yesterday.

There is also quite a lot of criticism around the latest family court inquiry Scott Morrison announced, after intense lobbying from One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

Kevin Andrews, who believes divorce is a bigger threat than terrorism or climate change, is leading the inquiry. Hanson is deputy chair. It will report back in October 2020, but Hanson has already said she believes the Family Court system to be biased towards mothers, and that will be one of the things she hopes to address. She wants 50/50 custody from the moment of separation. It has raised a lot of alarm bells for family court advocates, and women legal services. Asked about a particular case where a woman’s former partner murdered her daughter, Hanson said men lost children too.


We’ll have all of that and more. Mike Bowers is already hard at work, and you of course have the whole Canberra crew, with Katharine Murphy, Sarah Martin and Paul Karp. Plus whatever braincells I scrape up. I need another coffee, that is for sure.


Let’s get into it.

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