Police appeal for calm ahead of ‘Clean HK’ event

Police on Friday appealed for calm ahead of Saturday’s “Clean Hong Kong” campaign organised by pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho to get rid of Lennon Walls across the city.

The anti-extradition protesters have said that they will defend themselves if attacked during the campaign.

Lawmaker Ho, who has been an outspoken critic of the protests, hopes to organise tens of thousands of people “to tear the trash that affects the city, clean the walls and clean the people’s hearts”.

In a press conference, the police said it was aware of the event, especially as the organiser sought permission initially, before withdrawing the application.

Superintendent Fang Chi-kin said that Lennon Walls have been a site where some attacks and assaults took place over the past three months, he urged people to express their views orderly and peacefully.

He said the criminal liability over destroyal of posters depend on the circumstances.

Fong added that officers have been politically neutral in enforcing the law, and they’re determined to stop violence and arrest people irrespective of their own views.

The force added that over 250 officers have been hurt since June when the protests started. Over 1400 people have been arrested of whom around 200 people have been charged.

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