FTU urges HK$100mn plan to get locals tour Hong Kong

The Federation of Trade Unions has urged the government to fork out HK$100 million to boost local tourism by subsiding residents to join local tours.

The federation’s vice-chairwoman, Sara Leung, said the government should subsidise around HK$120 for each resident to join local day tours – to places like the islands or the countryside – so as to boost businesses while relieving their stress.

Leung said many citizens are not well versed about the outlying islands and country parks. She said if people go out of the city and have a family tour around these areas, it will lift their spirit.

The pro-establishment group said the plan can help to sustain battered sectors like tourism, hotel and catering sectors who were badly hit by over five months of protests.

It said travel tours in Hong Kong have dropped by 90 percent, with only less than 20 tours coming from the mainland a day.

It added that over 300 restaurants have closed down and it’s worried that the situation may continue until next year’s Lunar New Year holiday.

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