One dead, two missing in NSW bushfires

One person is dead and two others are still missing as devastating bushfires have wreaked havoc across NSW.

A firefighter found the fatality in a burnt-out vehicle in at the Kangawalla fire, near Glen Innes.

More than 30 people have been injured and at least 100 homes have also been destroyed in raging blazes in the state’s north.

NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said conditions are expected to worsen throughout the day as winds pick up in the afternoon and with no rain forecast throughout the weekend.

“Our thoughts and prayers are out to all of those that are affected and particularly the family and loved ones of the occupant of this vehicle,” he told ABC News.

He said the blazes had resulted in “significant and widespread damage and destruction” to people, families, home-owners and the wider community with reports of damage to other buildings including a school which was destroyed.

There were still 77 bus or grass fires burning in NSW with 42 uncontained on Saturday morning, the fire service said.

Mr Fitzsimmons said the blazes they battled on Friday – at one point fighting 99 fires, a record 17 of which were at emergency level all at once – had them in “uncharted territory”, with seasoned firefighters of some 60 years experience saying they had never seen such conditions.

Originally published as One dead, two missing in NSW bushfires

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