nib foundation and Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation announce $100,000 for Upper Hunter Community Services


Two large charities with roots in Newcastle have teamed up for the first time to provide the Upper Hunter with $100,000 in drought funding. The chairs of nib foundation and Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation announced two years-worth of funding for Upper Hunter Community Services, based in Muswellbrook, on Wednesday. “nib came up with the initiative,” Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation chairman Phil Neat said. “There’s a kinship there, we’ve shared directors in the past and we respect each other’s work.” “We realised it would be much better to have a partner in this,” Judi Geggie, the chairman of nib foundation said. “We know that for communities it’s going to take years getting over the drought. Giving one year of funding was not enough.” General manager of Upper Hunter Community Services Sue Milton said half of the funding would go directly to families in need. “Helping with water, helping with feed, paying registrations for vehicles. There’s no limit to what we can do if we think it’s absolutely necessary,” Ms Milton said. The rest will go towards programs for drought-affected families, including counselling, outreach services and social events.

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