Bride killed in major pile-up on Malaysia’s North-South expressway, Malaysia News

IPOH, Malaysia – Only a week after getting married, Azman Syah Gusti lost his wife Salwati Yaakob, 28, in an accident involving eight vehicles at 317.2 kilometre of the North-South Expressway.

A five-year-old child in another vehicle also died in the pile-up. Fourteen were injured.

The 28-year-old technician in Setapak said they were in a car with a friend heading back to Kuala Lumpur from Kuala Kedah.

The couple had planned to hold a wedding reception in Sungai Buloh on Nov 24.

“I remember she kept looking at me and smiling as I was driving. Of course I am in grief, we just had our wedding last week, ” he told reporters at Hospital Tapah Forensic Unit yesterday.The accident involved two trailers, two lorries and four vehicles – Mitsubishi Pajero, Honda Accord, Perodua MyVi and Axia – at about 11.15pm on Tuesday.

Salwati’s mother, Zaimah Hamim, 46, who was at the hospital, said Salwati was the eldest of seven siblings.

“We had our usual conversation before she headed back to Kuala Lumpur with her husband and friend at 6pm, ” she told reporters.

Tapah OCPD Supt Wan Azharuddin Wan Ismail said Salwati was a passenger in the Perodua MyVi while five-year-old Beh Xiu Zhung was in the Mitsubishi Pajero.

“We believe that the accident started with the trailer hitting the back of the Axia.

“When the Fire and Rescue Department arrived at the scene, they saw some victims stuck in their vehicles and they used hydraulic cutters to free them, ” he said.

He said the 14 injured victims were taken to Hospital Tapah for medical attention.

“We arrested the trailer driver, and have taken his urine and blood sample for testing, ” he said.

In a separate incident, Slim River Fire and Rescue Department rushed a team to 326.7 kilometre after an accident at 6.06am yesterday.

The accident involved two lorries that injured two men.

Both suffered minor injuries and were sent to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

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