Survivor: All Stars 2020 promo: new stars announced

Channel 10 has unveiled the first full-length promo for next year’s hotly-anticipated Survivor: All Stars, and fans are beside themselves with excitement.

Set to air early next year, the hugely popular reality show will feature a handful of fan favourites battling it out for Sole Survivor, with three new stars announced today.

Olympic swimming legend and Season 3 winner Shane Gould, who at 63 was the oldest contestant to ever win Australian Survivor, will join the 2020 cast.”/>
media_cameraGould took home the crown in 2018. Picture: Mathew Farrell.

Joining her will be her former tribe mate and Olympic freestyle skier, Lydia Lassila, who was touted as one of the game’s biggest threats in season 3.

And the final face announced today was season 4 “villain” ‘Dirty’ Harry, who made the final three this year after his epic take down of ‘The Godmother’, Janine Allis.

Previously announced Australian Survivors back for redemption include Brooke, Flick, Nick and Phoebe from Season 1, Henry and Tarzan from Season 2, Mat from Season 3 and David from this year’s Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders.

To say fans Twitter are looking forward to the new season would be an understatement, with many commenting that the biggest shock return was previous winner Gould.

Australian Survivor: All Stars will air early 2020 on Network Ten.

Originally published as ‘Epic’ Survivor promo drops to thrilled fans

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