Tamworth MP Kevin Anderson to urge his colleagues to tour Tamworth region

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TAMWORTH MP Kevin Anderson will push for his ministerial colleagues to take a “drought tour” of the region. The push comes after the state’s political leaders took a bus tour through drought-affected areas such as Dubbo and Bourke. The cabinet ministers got a first-hand look at how drought was impacting the regions, as well as hearing from drought-stricken locals. Read Also: Mr Anderson said the feedback from the recent visit had “been fantastic” and he would do all he could to encourage similar trips in the future. “I think it was fantastic to have all of cabinet drive to Bourke,” Mr Anderson said. “For our Liberal colleagues, I want to congratulate them on taking the initiative, some of them had never even left the city limits before. “It was great to ride on the bus with them and talk to them about what they were seeing, hearing and feeling.” Support the local news that keeps you informed – subscribe today. A potential visit would mark the first time some of the state’s leaders have visited the region since NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and her deputy John Barilaro announced funding for the Dungowan Dam in October. “I’m always pushing my colleagues to come up and take a look,” Mr Anderson said. “We’ve had our finance minister here not so long ago, as well our national ministers. “In our region, you have three cabinet ministers in Tamworth (Anderson), Gunnedah (Sarah Mitchell) and Armidale (Adam Marshall) – that’s unprecedented. Have your say, send a letter to the editor. “With this kind of influence in Parliament, it’s no mistake our region is benefiting from its share of funding and support. “Our region’s voice is very much heard in Parliament.” Sign up to receive The Leader’s breaking news and top stories straight to your inbox.


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