Tamworth weather: Hot, dry weather blown away by wintry start to summer

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SUMMER was off to an unusual start with many reaching for their sweaters on a brisk morning in New England. It capped off a wild few weeks of weather in Tamworth which has brought blistering heat, intense storms and now unusual cold. A chilly change sent the mercury to 8.3 degrees on Tuesday in Tamworth which was the coldest December morning in Tamworth since 2013. READ MORE: The wind chill gave the morning a wintry edge making it feel more like 5 degrees, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. The coldest December day on record in Tamworth was in 2010 when 5.6 degrees was registered at the airport. Things should heat up again by the end of this week with Friday tipped to hit 35 degrees. This week’s wintry spell should come as a nice reprieve after Tamworth sweltered through one of its hottest Novembers on record. It was the fifth-hottest in 25 years of records and potentially the second-driest Tamworth November. Top temperatures in town last month were three degrees hotter than the long term average. The average high in November was 31.5 degrees, up from the mean maximum 28.5 degrees. It included a blistering spell of five days where the daily highs peaked at 36 or 37 degrees. This October broke the record for average top temperature in Tamworth. The November rainfall was also down by more than 62 per cent with only 31.6mm recorded compared to the long-term average of 86.3mm. It was the second driest November recorded at the Tamworth airport. The year’s rainfall is more than 50 per cent down. Only 261.4mm has fallen compared to the average 587.6mm recorded by the end of November. Spring in 2019 was an exceptionally dry and warm one in Australia. The country as a whole registered its lowest spring rainfall on record. The national average maximum temperature during spring was 2.41 degrees above the long term average. Support the local news that keeps you informed – subscribe today Have your say. Click this link to send a letter to the editor


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