Tim and Rod win Amazing Race Australia 2019

Married couple Tim and Rod have scored the whopping $250,000 Amazing Race Australia cash prize, and they have an “outrageous” plan for what they’re going to do with it.

Speaking to news.com.au ahead of Tuesday night’s dramatic finale, the couple admitted the win “hadn’t quite sunk in yet”, but added that they had big ideas for how they’ll be splashing their cash.

“We wanna do some pretty outrageous stuff together,” Tim said.

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media_cameraTim and Rod leapt with joy on realising they’d won The Amazing Race tonight. Picture: supplied

“We love travelling together so we want to do a truckload more holidays. I’ve always wanted to take Rod to America and do Vegas and Disneyworld with him, and we want to go on a big shopping spree, get heaps of new clothes.”

He continued: “Both our cars are rubbish so we want to get two new cars, put some nice stuff around the house, and we want to put some in the bank as well, but we definitely want to live it up, maybe spoil our family as well and take them on a big family holiday,” Tim explained, before Rod butted in with a laugh: “I think Tim forgets that it’s $250,000 not like $3 million.”

The loved-up fitness trainers credited their solid teamwork to the win, adding that watching the episodes back, it seemed they were the only two who didn’t argue when the race became grew tough.

The boys were one of the few teams who managed not to erupt into an argument during the race. Picture: suppliedpacific.epeak.in/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/1575366735_469_Tim-and-Rod-win-Amazing-Race-Australia-2019.webp”/>
media_cameraThe boys were one of the few teams who managed not to erupt into an argument during the race. Picture: supplied

“We never take anything out on each other,” Rod said, “It’s just not something we do.

“We rarely argue, and when the pressure was on (other teams) would really bicker and argue with each other. We just really encouraged each other to keep going, and that last leg was just so intense and so much pressure, so we just kept each other level headed to the finish line.”

Tim and Rod had faced and overcome a “U-Turn” inflicted by the other teams in an earlier episode, which they said only pushed them harder towards the prize in tonight’s leg.

“We just said look, we’ve overcome all these outrageous detours, roadblocks, even that crazy U-turn, we’ve done all that so surely we can take out this prize. Going into that final leg we were just so determined,” Tim said.

Of watching the episodes back, the NSW pair said they were surprised to see just how much the other teams saw them as a threat.

“I didn’t realise they all wanted us to go home so badly — every challenge was like ‘quick it’s Tim and Rod!’ ‘Finish this before Tim and Rod get here’ … Harsh! I took it so personally and was like ‘they all hate us’ but it was obviously because they saw us as a threat,” Rod explain.

Tim, on the other hand, continued to express his shock over just how much the other couples ‘came undone’ when faced with various obstacles.

“Basically every team’s screws and bolts started to fall off at some point during the race and they started to bicker or get a bit snappy here and there. Looking back, we didn’t have one fight with each other, not one dig or a full blown blow up at each other which I’m really proud of,” he said.

There was, however, one moment he’d rather forget.

“My least favourite (challenge) was probably milking the goat – it sounds laughable but it was just so hard.

“No milk was coming out and we thought this is it, we’re going to get out because we can’t milk this damn goat,” he joked.

“It was torturous! We just kept yanking and yanking and finally some came out and we got the milk … I feel bad for goat,” Tim said.

Last night, it was former frontrunners Tom and Tyler’s stony reaction to being eliminated that had Twitter abuzz.

The footy lads had been U-turned by remaining teams Viv and Joey and Jasmine and Jerome – who they thought they’d formed a tight alliance with.

Alas, the teams voted against them, and the boys failed to catch up.

Reflecting on the tense moment, Tim and Rod said it was “hard to watch”.

“We’re in mixed emotions because Tom and Tyler were absolute machines, they were the team to beat, but a few weeks back they did the same to us and we kept composed,” Rod said.

“To see them be a little bit on the sore loser side was a bit hard to see … but it was almost a feeling of ‘ha ha, we beat a U-turn and you didn’t’,” he added, cheekily.

“I did feel for them, they probably did deserve to get into the final after, but they would have been a really tough team to beat.”

Tom and Tyler couldn't hide their frustration in Monday ngiht’s semi-final. Picture: Channel 10.pacific.epeak.in/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Tim-and-Rod-win-Amazing-Race-Australia-2019.jpeg”/>
media_cameraTom and Tyler couldn’t hide their frustration in Monday ngiht’s semi-final. Picture: Channel 10.

Speaking of the months following the Amazing Race, both stars commented that it was “bizarre” adjusting back to normalcy.

“You’ve just got this hectic amount of adrenaline and energy at every second of the day, with people handing you clues and so much happening around you, to just going home to silence to no other teams and no camera clues or producers chasing you around, it was such a bizarre feeling,” Tim explained.

“It’s really a challenge to get back to normal life,” added Rod.

“Even at Woolies and stuff, we’d still run around as though we’ve got a camera crew following behind us, we’re still like jumping into taxis going ‘go, go, go, go’ … You sort of get in this mindset where you’re back in the race.”

When asked whether they’ve stayed in touch with their fellow castmates, they said they have a “group chat” to debrief after each episode.

“We haven’t met up with the other teams – we chat with Sid and Ash a little bit but other than that we all just talk on our chat.”

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