Today Extra accidentally flash photo of Prince Andrew during Shannon Noll interview

Shannon Noll was caught up in an awkward technical error on Today Extra this morning when a photo of Prince Andrew flashed up on the screen during his interview.

And Channel 10’s The Project couldn’t resist poking fun at the gaffe.

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The Australian Idol season 1 runner-up was chatting with hosts David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffreys on the Channel 9 program when the wrong photo suddenly popped up on screen, prompting a confused look from the singer.”/>
media_cameraThat’s definitely not Shannon Noll. Picture: Channel 9.

Before the unfortunate error, Knoll was describing a recent spinal fusion procedure he underwent as the screen behind them displayed photos and footage from his hospital visit.

Shannon Knoll discussing his “spinal fusion” on the show. Picture: Channel”/>
media_cameraShannon Knoll discussing his “spinal fusion” on the show. Picture: Channel 9.
The singer was in the middle of describing the surgery when the photo popped up. Picture: Channel”/>
media_cameraThe singer was in the middle of describing the surgery when the photo popped up. Picture: Channel 9.

While describing the procedure, he was suddenly lost for words when disgraced Prince Andrew appeared on the screen.

“They pull everything out and put it in a …,” he trailed off before Sylvia Jeffreys interjected: “Oh and there’s Prince Andrew.

“Prince Andrew has nothing to do with this conversation,” Jeffreys, who is replacing Sonia Kruger after her recent defection to Channel 7, joked as Nollsy and David Campbell began to laugh.

“Oh, and there’s Prince Andrew.” Picture: Channel”/>
media_camera“Oh, and there’s Prince Andrew.” Picture: Channel 9.

While Nollsy and the hosts managed to laugh off the awkward mishap, they could’t escape their eagle-eyed Channel 10 peers.

Mocking the segment on The Project, comedian Tommy Little quipped: “Ever get the feeling Guy Sebastian might be in the control room?,” referencing Nollsy and Guy Sebastian’s long-running cheeky feud.

It’s not the first time The Project has gently teased the Today Show.

Last month, Joel Creasey ridiculed ousted host Georgie Gardner for seemingly having no idea who pop superstar Lizzo was.

“To anyone who doesn’t think the Today show is down with the kids, let me assure you are wrong,” Creasey began, before airing a clip of the panel returning from an ad break to Lizzo’s hit Good As Hell.

“Thank you, Lizzie, Lizzo, isn’t it?,” Gardner fumbled as her co-hosts chuckled sympathetically beside her.

“We’re doing well, keeping up with the peeps,” Gardner joked.

As the footage cut out, Creasey said; “Yeah, G and D, down with the peeps,” before shaking his head and muttering “terrible” while Waleed Aly, Lisa Wilkinson and Monty Dimond stifled laughter.

The Project airs Sunday to Friday at 6.30pm on Network 10

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