DAB sets up body to monitor new district councillors

The pro-Beijing DAB party has set up a monitoring body to keep an eye on the work of newly elected councillors across all of the city’s 18 districts.

The pro-democracy camp achieved a landslide victory in November’s polls, snatching more than 80 percent of all seats, while the DAB suffered a string of defeats.

Many of the elected councillors are newcomers, and some in society are concerned they lack the experience in dealing with district-related issues.

The DAB says the monitoring body will consist of a number of defeated candidates and former councillors, and they will be tasked with making sure the new district councillors are using public money correctly, are conducting their duties in accordance with the Basic Law and other relevant legislation.

“Some of the new district councillors say they will do something like check the police violence and other (things), like Hong Kong independence, in the district council. This violates the District Council Ordinance”, former Central and Western district councillor Chan Hok-fung said.

Meanwhile, pro-democracy councillors have been chosen to head both the Central and Western, and the Sai Kung district councils at their first meetings of the new term.

The new chairwoman of Central and Western District Council, Cheng Lai-king from the Democratic Party, led a moment of silence to remember those who have died during the ongoing anti-government movement.

She said she and her colleagues will continue to demand the disbanding of the police force and the government’s acceptance of the protesters’ five demands, saying this is why electors voted them in.

Neo-Democrat Ben Chung, who has been chosen to head Sai Kung District Council, meanwhile, said he is aware of the expectations of the public and will do all he can to foster closer ties with the community, and help mend social rifts.

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