Helicopter ride from Jakarta to Bandung available for special price in January, Asia News

Private air transportation from Jakarta to holiday resorts in Anyer and Bandung is now being provided by PT Whitesky Aviation under a service called Helicity.

A one-way travel package by Helicity is available for a special price of Rp 13 million (S$1,200) until Jan. 20. Helicopters fly from BSD City Heliport in South Tangerang to Anyer in Banten and from Senayan Golf Club helipad in Jakarta to Dago Pakar in Bandung, West Java.

PT Whitesky Aviation director of marketing, business and development Ari Nirwanda, said that the normal price ranged from Rp 20 million to Rp 30 million.

“For the New Year, the special price is Rp 13 million. Afterwards, it will return to normal price of Rp 20 to 30 million for routes from Jakarta to Anyer and Jakarta to Bandung,” Ari said as quoted by kompas.com. 

Ari said most passengers were foreign businessmen and families.

Helicity flights are served by Bell 505 helicopters with a capacity of 5 passengers including one pilot, a Bell 429 Luxury and an Airbus 130 with capacity of 6 passengers.

Ari said flights could take place at any time from daybreak to dusk. After 6 p.m., the helicopters would return to a hangar in Cibubur, East Jakarta.

However, flights may be cancelled during bad weather.

“If case of bad weather, such as during heavy rain and thunderstorms, we can postpone or cancel [the flight], and refund payments. Passenger safety is our priority,” he said. 

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