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It is not just the lack of timely action by Scott Morrison but also his lack of instinct that has become so apparent over the past few weeks.

From refusing to listen to urgent pleas by fire chiefs several months ago, to taking an overseas family holiday, to contemplating leaving the country for an international meeting at such a time, and most recently endorsing a social media video slapping himself on the back – it is all wrong.

He also seems unable to accept responsibility for his poor judgment, instead blaming state and federal systems, etc. These are not the traits of a strong leader, more of someone desperate to hold on to his popularity. Scott Morrison was in the right place at the right time against a poor opponent when he received the mantle of commander in chief. Tragically he appears to be the wrong man to lead our country through this most terrible crisis now and into the future.
Luella Brookes-Inglis
Glen Osmond, South Australia

Well said, Katharine Murphy (Some political leaders find their natural authority in a crisis – not Scott Morrison, 2 January). We have seen the achilles heel of Scott Morrision: in the pay of the likes of Rupert Murdoch and the coal industry, unable to escape from the extreme right of the Liberal party, he has proven useless as a leader.

Instead of action, he offered his prayers for people affected by the fires. He seems incapable of learning from new facts and sticks doggedly to his mantra: God exists, climate change doesn’t. Well, maybe his god is stuck on the toilet and can’t hear him. Everyone in Australia can see the impact of climate change, and the accounting dodges his government makes to avoid any real action under the Paris agreement.

He makes us ashamed to be Australian and must resign.
Linda Phillips
Narrogin, Western Australia

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