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Being stuck outside in Singapore‘s sweltering hot weather is an ordeal in itself. Now imagine being locked in a metal cage with barely any room to move.

That was the state in which volunteers from Chained Dog Awareness Singapore (CDAS) discovered a dog at an Ang Mo Kio industrial estate on Jan 5.

In a Facebook post appealing for help and a foster home for the dog, CDAS uploaded several photos of its poor living conditions.

Kept under the sweltering sun, the dog appeared to only have a plastic basin of water in its cage. It did not have any food save for several grains of rice strewn about on the ground.

The cage appeared to be covered with a grey cloth that was torn in some areas and a mattress.

CDAS wrote: “Did the owner consider the fact that the dog can get heat stroke in this scorching heat with no ventilation? Does he or she not know that the metal plate will be too hot for this dog to lie on it?”

Many left comments slamming the owner and suggested various methods to free the dog.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

Speaking to AsiaOne on Jan 6, a CDAS spokesperson confirmed that they had cut open the locked cage and rescued the dog.

They added that it was “panting heavily” and drank more water after being freed.

It also had a “huge tumour” on its neck and abrasions on its snout that appeared to be from attempts to escape its cage.

While the dog is currently in good hands at a foster home, more tests are needed to determine if the tumour on its neck is cancerous.

Under the Animal and Birds Act, first time offenders of animal cruelty may be fined up to $15,000, jailed up to 18 months or both.

However, there are no laws against the caging or chaining of dogs.

While guidelines such as the Animal & Veterinary Service’s (AVS) code of animal welfare exist, failing to meet the minimum standards outlined is not considered an offence.

Such failures, however, may be used to support persecution in animal welfare cases.

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Woman pleads guilty to abusing her dog

According to the minimum standards outlined in the code, pets should be provided with a safe and comfortable environment away from sunlight, heat, humidity or strong winds.

Feed and water containers should also be placed in areas that cannot be contaminated by the pet’s faeces.

Pet owners that tether their pets should ensure that the tether is at least twice the length of the dog, from its nose to the base of its tail.

But according to CDAS, a non-profit which advocates against the chaining of dogs, animals deserve better.

“Please always remember the animals are living in a human planet and they are already at a huge disadvantage. People should really stop thinking about themselves only.”

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