Tamworth child approach: Ji Woong Son pleads not guilty to grabbing teenage girl in Carthage Street, East Tamworth

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A MAN accused of grabbing a teenage girl in East Tamworth is set to fight the charges in court. Ji Woong Son appeared in Tamworth Local Court yesterday for the first time since he was charged on December 3. The 37-year-old is accused of approaching a child in Carthage Street about 9.30am on December 2. On Monday, he pleaded not guilty to common assault and intimidation. READ ALSO: Magistrate Mark Richardson ordered police to compile a brief of evidence and serve it on the defence before the case returns to court in mid-February. Son’s bail was continued. Police said the 15-year-old girl was out walking about 9.30am when Son tried to start a conversation with her as she passed his parked car. He is accused of getting out of his car and confronting her, grabbing her backpack and pulling her backwards. The girl managed to break free and ran from the scene. After investigations by police, Son was arrested the morning after. He was taken to Tamworth police station and charged with two offences. He has been on bail since. Want more court and crime news? Subscribe to the Leader to read it here first


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