Mum-to-be wants to name baby John Doe but dad hates it

What’s in a name? Is the age old question.

For some people (well, most in my opinion) a lot…

You’re stuck with it for life unless you can be bothered changing it by deed poll – which is a lot of effort, very confusing for others and can cause controversy to your parents who gave you the wretched name in the first place.

Basically, names cause a divide no matter what and one guy took to Reddit to ask for advice over his name drama.

“So my last name is Doe. It hasn’t affected my life much apart from occasionally being called ‘Dodo’ while growing up or friends spelling it ‘Doh’ as a joke, and I’m generally pretty neutral about it,” he explains.

Now here’s where the problem lies…

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This dadda-to-be ain’t budging! Source: iStock

“I know he and my wife were very close, but I won’t even consider it”

“My wife is six months pregnant and wants to name our future son after her grandfather, who died of cancer in September. His name was John.”

Oh dear…

“I liked her grandfather, and I know he and my wife were very close, but I won’t even consider it, not even for our son’s middle name,” he insists.

“I feel that’s just setting him up a world of problems, especially when he grows up and has to apply for jobs. Nobody’s going to believe ‘John Doe’ is his real name.”

His wife is furious that her hubby has thrown a blanket rule on her beloved grandpa’s name.

“My wife thinks I’m being an asshole for vetoing a name with a strong family connection and says I’m exaggerating the issues he would face. AITA?”

More than 4 million people had their say

It seem like half of the internet had an opinion on the topic with more than 4.1k people commenting on the topic and an overwhelming 91 per cent on the dad-to-be’s side.

Naturally, the death side of things came up pretty quickly.

“John Doe is what hospitals name unknown male patients. It’s understandable you don’t like that name.”

“I have a…. turbulent family with lots of risky behaviours. Which has resulted in me having to call area hospitals and morgues and police stations looking for any John/Jane Does they may have. Does your wife want to call a hospital trying to get info on her ‘John Doe’ and be transferred to the morgue or ICU because of a mix up?”

The long list of inevitable issues…

Then there’s all of the other logistical nightmares that will inevitably come up in the poor fella’s life:

“People will think it’s a faux/fake name. It’s going to cause him major problems with passports and ID as well as job and college applications He may have issues with medical stuff etc.”

“As someone who had worked in a call centre I can confirm that these kinds of names are treated with the utmost scrutiny.”

“Not to mention, someday when he dies imagine the trouble it will cause any spouse or children to try getting a death certificate etc. What was her grandfather’s middle name? Or maybe even last name? Those could be first name options.”

“It costs $75 and a half day in court to change a name”

One person commented on what a faff it is to change your name.

“It costs $75 and a half day in court to change a name. Why kids/adults live with names they hate when it’s pretty easy to change is beyond me.”

I echo this reader’s sentiments below:

“I think it’s pretty important that you don’t actually! This could seriously f*ck up his life…”

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