TCMF2020: Kasey Chambers gets emotional talking about Tamworth and bushfire victims

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TEARY-EYED, Kasey Chambers’ heart bleeds for the pockets of Australia affected by bushfire and drought. The country music singer is here for Tamworth Country Music Festival and was heartbroken to see the dry land and difficult times. “This town means a lot to me. I find it really hard to talk about at the moment, because I know Australia is really suffering right now,” she said. “To see everybody getting together and supporting these small towns that are really going through tough times … it’s so important and warms my heart, even though I’m crying right now.” Chambers called on fans to come out and support the festival. It’s expected numbers will be down this year due to bushfires that have ravaged the country and rumours the festival has been called off. Read also: Every year, she brings her kids to the place where she got her start in music. “It’s a part of my life,” she said. “I know there are hard times going on here in Tamworth, but people need to come and support this place and keep it alive, because we wouldn’t be Australia without Tamworth.” Want more TCMF news? Subscribe to the Leader to read it here first

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