CE meets new liaison chief, praises HK knowledge

The new director of Beijing‘s liaison office in Hong Kong has praised Chief Executive Carrie Lam for her leadership through the SAR’s ongoing social unrest.

Luo Huining had his first meeting with Lam on Thursday afternoon at Government House, four days after the former Shanxi provincial chief took office.

According to an update posted on the liaison office’s website, Luo said he admired the chief executive’s courage and sense of responsibility in taking difficult and effective measures to end violence and ease the hardship faced by businesses and the public.

He said his office would fully back Lam and her administration in governing the SAR according to the law.

For her part, Lam said she found Luo to be familiar with the Hong Kong situation despite the fact that he’s only just taken up the post.

Lam told Luo that her administration would spare no effort to curb violence and uphold the rule of law, according to a government statement.

Luo took over from Wang Zhimin, who was the first official to lose his job after months of unrest in the SAR. Luo’s appointment was unexpected, not least because he had reached the age of 65 and had recently been given a lower-profile role ahead of his expected retirement.

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