Kangaroo Island fires: Two bushfire messages issued – one an emergency warning

Fires on Kangaroo Island continue to burn under severe weather conditions with an emergency warning issued for the south coast of the island. 

Residents have been told to act now and flee from their homes in the Stun Sail Boom beach, Seal Bay and Cape Gantheaume area as the fire poses a threat to those in its path.

The uncontrolled fire is burning easterly towards Vivonne Bay, Seal Bay, Cape Gantheaume, Murray Lagoon and South Coast Rd but CFS warns the conditions are continually changing.

media_cameraThe emergency warning issued for the south coast of Kangaroo Island this morning. Pic: CFS

A Watch and Act message has also been issued for the north-eastern side of the island near American River, Nepean Bay, Brownlow, Bay of Shoals and the outskirts of Kingscote.

Those in the area have also been warned to leave if the path is clear to do so.

The fire is burning in a northeasterly direction towards North Eastern Kangaroo Island.

Meanwhile, smoke from the fires on KI is drifting across widespread areas of the state today.

The smoke began to move from about midnight and SA Health says it could pose a threat to health.

In a statement, the department’s chief public health officer Dr Nicola Spurrier said the combined effect from hot weather and poor air quality means people should take extra precaution.

“We are urging people to stay indoors where possible, avoid physical exercise outdoors and reduce their exposure to smoky air,” Dr Spurrier said.


Originally published as Emergency warning for KI

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