‘Naked maid’ cleaning job earns $95 an hour

A cleaning company is looking for both male and female cleaners to join them, but you must be willing to work entirely naked.

The Naked Cleaning Company has a “look, but don’t touch” policy and all potential applicants must be comfortable scrubbing and cleaning while fully nude or topless.

The company, based in Liverpool UK already has 2,500 customers and plenty more wanting to join according to founder and director Nikki Belton.

“We’re a national company and since the business was launched on Friday, it’s gone massive,” she told Liverpool Echo.

“There is a niche market in the UK for naked cleaning and I just thought it was something different.”

Prospective cleaners can earn more or less depending on how comfortable they are with stripping off.

media_cameraThe service has already proven popular since launching last week.

The fees for an hour of topless and lingerie cleaning are $A143.00 (£75) and $A181 (£95) for nude cleaning.

Users must book for a minimum of two hours and can only observe the cleaning from afar.

The cleaners with Naked Cleaning Company are able to earnt $95 an hour (£50.) which is well above the average rate for traditional cleaners which sits at $A15.45 (£8.10) according to PayScale.

However one that can be fraught with danger as one investigation into the practice found.

In an article on Metro.co.uk, journalist Samantha Rea found one website, Bare Domestic, who said its number one rule was “Do not ask for or expect sexual services from your cleaner.”

However when Ms Rea applied for a role she was told by the owner that an additional service was offered to clients.

“It’s called the ‘Nude Plus’ and it costs £75-an-hour. When clients book this service, ‘you may OFFER to help them c**,’ says John via email.”

The practice has come under fire previously with one politician labelling it as disgraceful.pacific.epeak.in/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/1578566815_210_‘Naked-maid’-cleaning-job-earns-95-an-hour.webp”/>
media_cameraThe practice has come under fire previously with one politician labelling it as disgraceful.

Even closer to home, a Queensland cleaner said that she earnt $104,000 a year by working just 16 hours a week as a nude cleaner.

“I have a great body, so why not show it off? I like being nude and enjoy the skin I’m in, so I really like the job,” she told Nelson Groom.

“Clients have all been respectful — the ground rules are laid out to clear to them on booking.”

The service she works for is called Bare All Cleaning Service whose owner Brett Jones operated by a strict don’t touch rule.

“There is no sexual activity other than entertainment. This is basically about making a mundane task cheeky and fun,” he said.

“Most people want to leave the house when a cleaner comes, but we’re trying to make it more welcoming to stay.”

However the practice did provoke a local Gold Cost councillor who slammed the practice.

Dawn Crichlow described the business as absolutely disgraceful and that it was wrong.

“These people are ruining their lives by setting up a reputation such as a naked cleaner — go and get a real job … It’s absolutely disgraceful and the Gold Coast doesn’t need that.”

Ms Crichlow has since retired after thirty years in local government while Bare All Cleaning Services is still going strong.

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