Pat Rogers earns applause for her decades of service to the region’s RFS brigades | Photos


FIREFIGHTERS battling this season‘s bushfires have been supported by an equally dedicated team behind the scenes. Leading the team of selfless volunteers is Pat Rogers, a lady described by several firies as “the fuel that keeps us going”. Having been involved with the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) for decades, Ms Rogers and her band of volunteers support the fire crews on the front line by supplying them with hearty, nutritious meals. Read Also: Bendemeer RFS senior deputy Garry Johnson said Ms Rogers was beloved by all of the region’s firefighters. “Pat is not one to seek the limelight, but she certainly deserves some recognition,” Mr Johnson told the Leader. “We can be fighting a fire somewhere in the middle of nowhere and all of sudden, a box of fresh, cold lunches will appear from nowhere and you know it’s because of Pat. “It’s not just Pat, it’s all the ladies and helpers who get in the kitchen and produce these awesome meals that help us continue doing what we’re doing.” Mr Johnson said the Bendemeer RFS most recently benefited from Ms Rogers’ work most during November’s Moonbi fire. “Normally, when you are first dispatched to a fire, you know that you are pretty much going to have to sustain yourself for the first 24 hours or so,” he said. “The Moonbi fire kicked off at about 11am and we settled in for the long haul. “However, we had food delivered to us at around 3pm and we just knew it had to be Pat. “I have no idea how she’s able to do it so quickly, but it was certainly greatly appreciated by all of us. “She’s really a behind the scenes angel.” Support the local news that keeps you informed – subscribe today. So far this summer, Bendemeer RFS like many other brigades across the region, have been working around the clock battling fires in a number of areas. “It has been an unbelievably busy summer,” Mr Johnson said. “I was having a conversation with Pat recently about how tired everyone is, including her. “She mentioned to me she had planned to make 10 lunches that day, but before she knew it that number was up to 50. “I told her that’s because most of the firefighters would have been aiming to take the day off, but know this is what they have to do, and just get out there and do it. “At the end of the day, it’s not just the firefighters who are tired, it’s everyone who’s volunteering to help out.” Johnson said the lady affectionately known as “no sangas Pat” would hold a special place in many firefighters hearts. Have your say, send a letter to the editor. “Pat got that nickname around the crews because she doesn’t really believe in making sandwiches,” he said. “I think part of the reason is because they are time consuming to make. “The other reason is that it is much easier for us to eat salads if we are in a hurry and if we do have time, making a sandwich out of the salad gives us a chance to take a quick break. “Pat thinks about those sorts of things and it’s a big reason why she is so loved and respected by everyone.” Sign up to receive The Leader’s breaking news and top stories straight to your inbox.


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