Toa Payoh residents throw flowerpots down block in quarrel over lift landing, Singapore News

At wit’s ends, a fight broke out between a woman and her neighbour to the point where flower pots were thrown in the process.

The straw the broke the camel’s back was her karung guni neighbour’s decision to use the common lift landing to store her excess items.

The incident occurred on Thursday (Jan 9) afternoon at Block 31, Toa Payoh Lor 5.

Shin Min Daily News received a tip-off from a resident that two of their female neighbours had gotten into a physical fight and were causing loud noises.

“When I stuck my head out, I saw flower pots that were thrown downstairs. The police were cordoning off that area for investigations.”

PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

Another 70-year-old resident explained to reporters that she happened to pass by when about five or six flower pots were thrown down from the third floor. There were broken shards of pottery everywhere and the top of the ground floor shelter was covered in soil.

Upon arriving upstairs, she witnessed the policemen mediating a dispute between a woman and a female karung guni.

“I didn’t think they would fight yesterday, the karung guni even threw the resident’s flowerpots downstairs,” she revealed.

Yet another 70-year-old resident shared that the pair had slapped and pushed at each other before they were arrested by the police.

The police said they received a report of the incident and arrested two women aged 33 and 47 for reckless behaviour. Investigations are ongoing.

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