Police defuse pipe bomb in Mong Kok, arrest four

The police on Tuesday night defused a pipe bomb at a flat in Mong Kok and arrested a total of four men in connection with the case.

When officers raided the unit in Tung Choi Street they also found what they described as “protest-related materials” and a small amount of marijuana.

Officers also searched a village house in Sheung Shui they suspect was being used as a laboratory for producing explosives.

The pipe bomb, which contained about 40 grammes of explosives, was detonated by bomb disposal officers at the scene.

Senior Superintendent Chan Tin-chu told reporters the pipe bomb “was very powerful and a small explosion occurred while it was being defused. The shrapnel punched a hole in one of the lifts in the building”.

He added that the bomb would have caused significant casualties had it been used in anger.

Those arrested were suspected of being members of a radical anti-government protest group.

They face various charges and were detained overnight for further enquiries.

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