Police investigating death of MTR driver

Police are investigating the death of a MTR train driver who was found lying on the road near the elevated tracks in Long Ping station on Tuesday night.

The MTR had said that around 9.45pm on Tuesday night, the Hung Hom bound West Rail train didn’t depart after passengers boarded the train and they also couldn’t get hold of the train driver.

Station staff were later told by people that a person in MTR uniform was found lying on the road.

Police who were called to the scene said they said the 25-year-old woman lying on the road and was rushed to the Pok Oi Hospital in an unconscious state. She was later transferred to Tuen Mun hospital where she died.

In a statement issued early morning on Wednesday, police said the initial investigation indicates that she fell from a height and they suspect she was run over by a vehicle after the fall.

Police also said there was no suspicious circumstances surrounding the case, and classified it as suspected suicide. But officers didn’t find any notes at the scene and investigations are continuing.

The MTR said it will cooperate with the police investigation and provide appropriate assistance the driver’s family.

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