Tamworth Country Music Festival: Melanie Dyer, Caitlyn Shadbolt and Sinead Burgess to cohost Toyota Golden Guitar Awards

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A New England girl, Melanie Dyer, will co-host country music’s biggest night at the Tamworth Country Music Festival this year. The Country Music Association of Australia announced on Wednesday that the Golden Guitar Awards would have three co-hosts, all three young emerging female artists. Melanie will be joined on the hosting stage by longtime friends Sinead Burgess – who is a finalist for New Talent of the Year – and Caitlyn Shadbolt when the awards are presented on Saturday, January 25. READ MORE: “Sinead and I did the Academy of Country Music back when it was called Camerata, and I was about 12 and she was probably 14 or 15,” Melanie said. “And Cait and I have toured together and we’re really good mates as well, so the three of us all really get along and it’s going to be lots of fun.” Melanie has been attending the awards most years since she was a child and said hosting was something she had aspired to do. “I’ve been to so many Golden Guitars, and sat in the crowd and looked up and watched usually The McClymonts or Kasey Chambers up there on stage, or whoever’s hosting and just looked at them and thought ‘I wonder if one day I might get to that point, I wonder if that could be me’.” The young singer, who released her debut album Fresh three years ago, is yet to be a finalist in the Golden Guitars, so while she is still dreaming of that, the chance to host is an enormous honour. “To get up there and host and be a part of the night, while my song is out and things are happening at the moment for me, it’s really cool to feel like I’m included in it and part of such a special night.” It comes off the back of the success of her latest single Memphis T-Shirt, which was released late last year. “It’s awesome to see that radio have picked that up,” Melaine said. “Both country radio and commercial, for the first time for me, so that’s a big step, it’s really exciting.” The day of the awards will be a busy one for Melanie, who is also headlining her own show at Moonshiners in the afternoon, before rushing off to get ready for the Golden Guitars. Her family will be there too, from Inverell, looking on proudly in the audience for what is the biggest event of the festival. “I love it, it’s one of the highlights of Tamworth, going to the awards and walking the carpet, getting dressed up. You always feel a little dishevelled by the end of the festival, but it’s a nice chance to freshen up again.” CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE LEADER TO ACCESS ALL THE NEWS


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