Tamworth Country Music Festival: Hands of Fame and Eric Watson Literary Award goes to Ted Egan

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IMMORTALISED in cement, the Hands of Fame honours have been announced. The nominees to put their hands into cement are Catherine Britt, Travis Collins, the Gottani Sisters Pauline and Jenny, and Eddie Tapp. Country music radio announcers Graham Bell and Ian Crombie were inducted into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame on Saturday. The awards were hosted by Chad Morgan at the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame. The award recognise people of significance in country music. While Ted Egan has been awarded the Eric Watson Literary Award at the ceremony. The folk musician and former public servant was administrator of the Northern Territory for four years. Read also: Mr Egan is an accomplished author who has gone on to write numerous books about the Australian story. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 1993 for services to Aboriginal people and an ongoing contribution to the literary heritage of Australia through songs and verse. Want more TCMF news? Subscribe to our daily newsletter to read it here first


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