Severe thunderstorms forecast across New South Wales, ACT, Victoria

Drenching weather is set to continue in the southeast with “wild thunderstorms” forecast in parts of New South Wales and Victoria over the next few days.

“They’re going to ramp up across Victoria as a whole with plenty of areas of rain as well,” Sky News Weather meteorologist Rob Sharpe says.

“But then wild thunderstorms will spread through central parts of NSW, particularly … heading through central areas of the state, all the way out to the east, potentially in Sydney and the Hunter where supercells are a chance in that region with a dangerous scenario for large hail, damaging winds and heavy rainfall.

“We may even see some giant hail in some pockets.”

Wild weather lashed Melbourne yesterday including hail that sounded “like a pinball machine” and heaving rainfall that caused a ceiling at a Woolworths store in Templestowe to collapse.

There is a strong wind warning in NSW on Monday for the Byron Coast, Coffs Coast, Macquarie Coast, Hunter Coast, Sydney Coast and Illawarra Coast.

In Victoria, the strong winds are forecast in the areas of Port Phillip, Western Port, West Coast and Central Coast.

Mr Sharpe said the significant thunderstorm threat will eventually move out to sea tomorrow.

But the hot weather “that’s been bubbling away” in central and northern parts of Australia is due in the country’s fire-ravaged southeast on Wednesday.
Fire-affected catchments in Victoria’s northeast and East Gippsland are also on flood watch, according to advice issued on Sunday afternoon by the Bureau of Meteorology.

In Sydney today, there’s a high chance of showers in the afternoon and evening along with the chance of a “possibly severe” thunderstorm. The city is forecast to reach a top of 28C and relative humidity will peak at 92 per cent on Monday night.

A storm, also possibly severe, is likely in Canberra with showers and a maximum temperature of 27C on Monday.

Melbourne has a 100 per cent chance of rain including locally heavy falls and the chance of a thunderstorm with a cool top of 21C.

Storms may continue today in Queensland with a chance of a thunderstorm from late on Monday morning in Brisbane and a high chance of showers along with a top of 33C.

It will be typically sweltering for this time of the year in Darwin, reaching 33C with a slight chance of a shower and the chance of a thunderstorm.

Adelaide will have cloudy skies and a top of 23C, there will be possible light rain in Hobart and a maximum of just 18C, while Perth is the place to be with sunny weather, reaching 31C.

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