Malaysia Youth and Sports minister to lodge report over fake news, Malaysia News

PETALING JAYA – The Youth and Sports Ministry will lodge a police report over fake news that affected its image, says its head Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman (pic).

“We will lodge a police report and take legal action against anyone who spread the fake news, especially since it involves the integrity of the Youth and Sports Ministry, ” he said.

Syed Saddiq was referring to a report on a drug-fuelled party in Puchong recently.

He said the content of the report was wrong, including allegations of “attempts to lobby for big projects from the Youth and Sports Ministry”.

He also denied claims that he was at the party but left before the police raid.

He said the report, posted on a portal on Jan 17, had damaged his reputation.

“The information is false and went viral through third parties such as Mynewshub, ” he said in a statement.

“Since I took over the ministry, I would like to stress that our achievements in the Public Service Corruption Ranking (PSCR) released by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission have improved tremendously.

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'I will resign if there was power abuse,' says Malaysia Youth and Sports minister

“The Youth and Sports Ministry has successfully improved its PSCR ranking from among the eight highest risk of corruption (out of 25) to the 16th spot, ” he added.

It was reported that Dengkil assemblyman Adhif Syan Abdullah and four political special officers were among 17 arrested following a raid on a premise in Puchong on Jan 13.

It is believed that six women were also among those arrested.

Police initially went to the location on Jan 12 following complaints of loud noises coming from the building. Sources said a private party was being held and police believed drug consumption and illegal gambling were among the activities.

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