Lunar New Year holiday to start warm, become cold and rainy: CWB

Taipei, Jan. 22 (CNA) Much of Taiwan will experience a warm start to the Lunar New Year, before the arrival of a cold front on Sunday brings rain and drives temperatures down into the low-to-mid teens for the remainder of the holiday, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Wednesday.

According to the weather bureau’s one-week forecast, daytime highs around Taiwan will range from the mid-to-high twenties from Thursday through Saturday, with the likelihood of rain limited to northern and eastern areas on Friday and Saturday.

Despite the comfortable daytime temperatures, a radiative cooling effect will cause a day-night temperature gap of between six and 10 degrees Celsius during that period, the CWB said.

Beginning on Sunday, an arriving cold front will begin affecting northern Taiwan, where temperatures will drop into the teens, the bureau said.

In terms of precipitation, the CWB forecast scattered showers in northern and eastern Taiwan on Sunday, while other areas could be affected by sporadic rain.

According to the CWB, temperatures will continue to drop on Monday and Tuesday, with nighttime lows in the low-to-mid teens and scattered showers expected throughout the country.

The CWB forecast that the cold and wet weather will persist at least through the end of next week.

(By Yu Hsiao-han and Matthew Mazzetta)


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