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The tension behind Dominic Thiem’s coaching break-up with tennis great Thomas Muster at the Australian Open has been revealed.

Thiem announced after his second round marathon win over Aussie Alex Bolt that he and Muster had separated after just two weeks together.

The former French Open champion joined world No. 5 Thiem’s coaching staff early in January after captaining Australia during its ATP Cup campaign.

Muster joined full-time coach Nicolas Massu in Thiem’s camp and was expected to keep working with him for the rest of the 2020 season.

Instead, two weeks later, Thiem confirmed on Saturday they had gone their separate ways.

Thiem insisted he and Muster still get along personally after the split, but tennis great Jim Courier opened up on the “tension” behind the split during his Australian Open commentary for Channel 9.

“So let’s address what has become the elephant in the room,” Courier said during Thiem’s match against Gael Monfils on Monday.

“After the win for Dominic Thiem in the second round over Alex Bolt they parted ways at seemingly Thiem’s request.”

When asked on live TV if he could reveal why the separation occurred, Courier said: “Not a lot that I’m able to share on air.

“But I can repeat a quote that Thomas Muster gave to an outlet saying that sometimes you see a house from the outside, it looks beautiful, but you don’t know what it is really like until you get inside.

“So there seems to be a little bit of tension there in that relationship.”

Thiem earlier said: “We ended our working relationship.

“It did not fit. It’s easy like that. It is just about work. We get along well personally, and we said in the beginning, if anything is not all right, we will tell each other.”

Muster told Eurosport in Melbourne of his relationship with Thiem: “He has also got some shortcomings he has to work on if he wants to be at the top.

“He has improved a lot, but he to catch up in the technical, physical and foremost in the mental area.

“To be honest I have seen myself in this role for the next two years. Why he has chosen differently – I know why, but I don’t want to say the details.

“It is like this: There are houses which look nice from the outside, wonderful from the outside, but you rarely know who lives inside.”

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