Kobe Bryant dead: NBA legend killed in helicopter crash; dead, daughter, Gigi, pilot, radio call;witness accounts, video; updates

The helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others made a steep climbing move to get above a thick layer of fog seconds before crashing into a hillside in Los Angeles, killing all on board.

According to ESPN, the pilot contacted air traffic controllers minutes earlier about the weather conditions only to be told they could not track the helicopter due to the region’s hilly terrain.

The pilot then told controllers he had begun to climb to get “ above the layer” of clouds and proceeded to 2400 feet before the helicopter went into a dive and crashed.

The weather conditions are set to become a key focus of the investigation after it was revealed other aircraft in the area were not allowed to fly due to the fog.

Monday January 27th

The LAPD today revealed they had grounded their Air Support Division in the morning (AEDT) due to the foggy condition and did not fly until the afternoon.

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