Tamworth Country Music Festival: Oxley police say crowds behaved, four people charged with assaulting police | The Northern Daily Leader

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FOUR people will front court for attacking officers during the festival, but police said Tamworth crowds were “mostly well-behaved”. The extra contingent of police have left Tamworth now, and Oxley Acting Superintendent Kylie Endemi said there had been “minimal issues” during the 10-day country music festival. “We had a small number of issues, predominately alcohol-related, and included in that [were] four separate persons charged for assaulting police, and a number of incidents of resisting police and hindering officers,” she told the Leader. “While that might be a small number, four is still too many; it is never acceptable to assault police or any emergency service workers who are carrying out their duties, and now we have four people charged who will be placed before the courts.” READ ALSO: The police officers suffered minor injuries and did not require hospital treatment. All four charged are set to face Tamworth court in the coming weeks. Police also charged some festivalgoers with offences such as offensive conduct, failing to quit a licensed premises, and other minor issues. Police were out in force on pushbikes, in golf buggies, on horseback, in cars, on dirt bikes, and on foot in the pubs and clubs – both in uniform and plain clothes. The OSG – or police in overalls – were on foot, as were the specialist licensing officers; there was also the youth command with the PCYC bus, along with a sniffer dog. “We had everything here,” Acting Superintendent Endemi said. “Over the many years of this festival, we have finely tuned our policing operation to the point where the number of policing resources is sufficient, and the fact we’ve only had a number of small adverse incidents reflects that. “This is a credit to the majority of people that attended the festival and enjoyed the festivities predominantly in a responsible manner.” Want more court and crime news? Subscribe to the Leader to read it here first



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