Low level flying training to take place over Tamworth to take place in February | The Northern Daily Leader

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There will be a little more activity above Tamworth in February. F-35A Lightning II aircraft from RAAF Base Williamtown, near Newcastle, will conduct flying training between 3-6 February 2020 and 10-13 February 2020. Thirteen F-35A Lightning II aircraft are now based at RAAF Base Williamtown, and are gradually replacing the ageing F/A-18A/B Hornet aircraft. READ ALSO: Commander of Air Combat Group, Air Commodore Tim Alsop, said local residents can expect different fighter jets conducting low flying activities in the area. Number 3 Squadron attack training will include some low level flying as part of developing air to surface tactics. “Number 3 Squadron aircrew are all experienced pilots who have been flying the F-35A aircraft in the United States since 2015, and in Australia since their introduction in December 2018,” Air Commodore Alsop said. “Developing skills in low level attacks are an important part of defence training – and we need to test the F-35A capability as part of verification and validation process for its initial operating capability.” Fighter jets will operate over the ocean well off the Hunter and Great Lakes coasts for 70 percent of their training. The remaining 30 percent of operations are conducted to the west and north of RAAF Base Williamtown and other parts of Australia. “Air Force is committed to ensuring every effort is made to minimise any inconvenience to residents living in these areas and the ongoing support of local communities is appreciated,” Air Commodore Alsop said. Local residents living in the Central and North-Western NSW area can refer to the RAAF Base Williamtown flying program at www.airforce.gov.au/flyingareawilliamtown for information on flying operations and can subscribe to RSS feeds for updates.


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