Dadan Island to reopen in March, raises daily visitor limit

Kinmen, Jan. 30 (CNA) The daily limit on the number of people allowed to visit Dadan, an island that is part of Taiwan‘s outlying Kinmen, will be raised to 300 after it reopens to the public in March following a three-month hiatus, the county government announced Thursday.

The 0.79-square-kilometer island, which was a major frontline during the Cold War against the Chinese communists, has been closed to the public since December due to notoriously rough seas during winter.

The island has attracted about 17,000 visitors since it officially opened to tourism in March last year, according to Kinmen County government, which had limited the number of visitors to 150 per day.

Chinese nationals, including those from Hong Kong and Macau, are prohibited from visiting the island.

Dadan Island is the largest of a small group of islets which also includes Erdan Island, Sandan Island and a few others. It is located roughly 12km southwest of Kinmen proper but only 4.4km from Xiamen in China‘s Fujian Province.

A five-hour guided tour around Dadan’s surrounding islands will be available to tourists beginning in March, the county’s Tourism Department said

Admission tickets will cost NT$1,500 (US$49.58) per person, including the return ferry trip between Kinmen’s Lieyu and Dadan, one meal, and tour guide services, while Kinmen residents will be charged a discounted price of NT$750, the department said, adding that those wishing to visit the island must apply seven days prior to departure.

Online applications to visit the island will be available from Feb. 3.

(By Chang Chi and Ko Lin)


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