Catherine Bermingham boardwalk Bowie’s Flat Wetland Coorparoo

THE late Catherine Bermingham will be recognised for her contribution to the community with the boardwalk at popular Bowies Flat Wetland to be named in her honour.

Coorparoo Councillor Fiona Cunningham initiated the official naming process in November last year with the support of the Bermingham family, and said it would serve as a tribute to the former Labor Brisbane City councillor’s legacy.

Catherine Bermingham represented the council ward of East Brisbane for 11 years and passed away in 2018.

“Catherine Bermingham Boardwalk will stand as a reminder to us all of the work done by Catherine over her 11 years in Council,” Cr Cunningham said.

“Regardless of party politics, I always had admiration for Catherine and the contribution she made to improve the suburbs which I now have the privilege of representing.

“Catherine’s support in establishing Bowies Flat Wetland in 2001 is one of her lasting legacies for our community.”

Bowies Flat Wetland receives stormwater from the catchment of Bridgewater Creek and was created by Brisbane City Council with N4C and the local community.

The goal of the wetland is to treat stormwater and mitigate flooding, whilst providing a local habitat and pleasant parkland space for visitors.

“At the time it was built, it was considered a pioneering project,” Cr Cunningham said.

“Currently the unnamed boardwalk over the main water catchment area is frequented by families and nature enthusiasts.

“Both the wetlands and surrounding parkland continue to be a popular and favoured destination for residents.”

Ms Bermingham’s daughter Lee Lunney said the boardwalk naming would serve as a fitting tribute to acknowledge her mother’s contribution and community spirit.

“The wetland came about because of community interest and people working together,” Ms Lunney said.

“My mum was someone who had a knack for bringing people together.

“Sadly, there is little information in the wetland about the community collaboration or even its purpose to mitigate floodwater.

“My family and I are grateful that Mum’s legacy is being honoured in this way.”

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