Cut cross border traffic to minimum: hospitals chief

The Hospital Authority’s (HA) chairman Henry Fan on Saturday threw his weight behind calls for more stringent border control, saying the traffic into the city should be reduced as much as possible.

Speaking to journalists after a radio programme, Fan said that HA chief executive, Tony Ko, has already conveyed the health personnel’s demand for a complete border shut down more than once to the government.

“I will leave it to the political wisdom of the Hong Kong government to decide what steps to take and at what time,” said Fan. “But in terms of the general principle, I have said in my blog, I am all in favour of reducing traffic as much as possible between mainland and Hong Kong.”

The health expert said this will also put the people of Hong Kong at ease. “There is a panic at the moment,” said Fan.

Fan said the government is moving in the right direction with the measures announced by Carrie Lam on Friday.

The top HA official was speaking as a newly formed union of hospital workers, HA Employees Alliance, was to vote on Saturday whether to go on a strike if the government fails to stop visitors from the mainland coming into the city.

They say most of the coronavirus patients in Hong Kong are from the mainland, and hospitals won’t be able to cope if the number of such cases keeps rising.

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