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Dominic Thiem’s father has revealed the real reason his son split with Austrian tennis legend Thomas Muster just four days into the 2020 Australian Open.

Thiem announced after his second round marathon win over Aussie Alex Bolt that he and Muster had separated after just two weeks together.

The former French Open champion joined world No. 5 Thiem’s coaching staff early in January after captaining Australia during its ATP Cup campaign.

Muster joined full-time coach Nicolas Massu in Thiem’s camp and was expected to keep working with him for the rest of the 2020 season.

Instead, two weeks later, Thiem confirmed on Saturday they had gone their separate ways.

Muster appeared to take a thinly veiled swipe at Thiem after the split, releasing an eyebrow-raising statement.

“It is like this: There are houses which look nice from the outside, wonderful from the outside, but you don’t know what it is really like until you get inside,” Muster reportedly told Eurosport.

While Thiem has repeatedly insisted there was nothing personal behind the parting of ways, his father Wolfgang on Saturday evening returned fire with a similarly thinly veiled swipe.

“We had some meetings in Vienna at the ATP tournament, then we were thinking to add him to some certain tournaments, especially to get his experience because he won the French Open and was No. 1,” Wolfgang Thiem said.

“We were thinking to try it out. Actually after two weeks, Dominic said that it doesn’t fit together. I mean, he had some good experience.

“Of course, he was a really good player. But for me the most important thing is that the coach understands what the player needs and not that the coach wants to make a copy of himself.

“Dominic is already 26 years, so he has his personality. This was for me the main point, that Dominic needs someone who gives him the space, who gives him the free space to develop, to play his game.

“He always needs some advices, but short advices. If you have someone who says too much, who is too much into it, then it doesn’t work.

“Hopefully he’s mature enough now. After two weeks he said, No, it doesn’t fit.”

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