North West rainfall: Oxley police issue ticket for disobeying road signs as flooding impacts on roads | The Northern Daily Leader

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A MAN has been slapped with a fine after he had to be rescued when he ignored road signs and drove into a flooded causeway. Oxley police have warned they’ll issue more tickets if drivers continue to put their lives at risk, as storms and heavy rain continue to batter the region. Several roads in and around Tamworth, the Liverpool Plains and Narrabri areas are still closed on Monday afternoon after creeks starting roaring following the downpours, sending water gushing over roadways. In the early hours of Sunday morning, a driver ignored the road closed signs and attempted to drive through the flooded Gap Road causeway, just out of Werris Creek. READ ALSO: He got stranded when the water became deeper and had to be helped out. Oxley police said they issued the driver with an infringement for disobeying the road closed signs. “Police will issue infringements if drivers continue to disobey warning signs,” Oxley Detective Acting Inspector Jason Darcy told the Leader. “The roads are closed for a reason. These drivers are putting their occupants at risk, themselves as well as the emergency services and first responders who have to rescue them. “We would urge motorists to drive to the conditions, obey the signs and don’t drive through roads that are immersed by water.” Local commander for the Namoi SES, Tony Battam, told the Leader motorists had to also be rescued on Saturday as water quickly rose in the Narrabri area. “We had a few people that got stuck because they were coming along roads, and then the creeks were coming up in front and behind them, so we had to recover them,” he said on Monday. “The water rose pretty fast, and in town it came up and was running quickly, flooding houses within half-an-hour.” The Narrabri area copped another 30mm or so in rain gauges on Monday morning after two separate storms passed through. An SES crew was out attending to jobs for leaking rooves in the Narrabri township, as well as a sandbagging job at another house. Mr Battam said more rain was continuing to fall meaning there was a chance of more road closures. “Some of the creeks, they go up and down petty quick and run rarely fast, especially the ones that have the water coming down from the hills,” he said. “So that means the creeks can flood some of the roads pretty quickly after a bit of rain.”

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