Tamworth break-ins: Oxley police deploy mobile CCTV camera, more patrols after Calala and East Tamworth break-and-enters | The Northern Daily Leader

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A MOBILE CCTV camera has been set up on a busy road, and extra patrols have been launched in the wake of a spate of break-ins across Tamworth. Oxley police said there had been a significant spike in break and enters to homes in Calala and East Tamworth in the past week. Extra police patrols as part of Operation Southbreak – Oxley’s property crime blitz – have been launched including officers on bikes. A mobile CCTV camera has also been deployed, and has been spotted on Calala Lane, capturing suspicious vehicles and activity. “The mobile CCTV camera allows police to monitor activity of these people in the early hours of the morning,” Oxley Detective Acting Inspector Jason Darcy told the Leader. READ ALSO: “We have identified suspects and they are now targets of Operation Southbreak which is being run by the Oxley Target Action Group (TAG). “We are building cases against them to lay charges but we still need public help because there are community members out there who know who these suspects are.” Police said the majority of hits on homes recently were occurring in the early hours of the morning. “Police are reminding members of the public to lock-up; secure their valuables and cars; keep an eye on their neighbours; and target-harden their premises so that it reduces opportunistic crimes, such as open doors and windows, which we have seen. “Locals should also be vigilant where they leave their keys to their homes and cars, along with handbags and wallets because offenders are targeting these sorts of goods and stealing cars after keys were left on benches or in full view. “We would urge the community to secure these items, take them to the room they sleep in, and keep them stored away.” Detective Darcy again urged the public to report suspicious activity, whether it was reporting one person in the street in the early hours of the morning, or anyone acting suspiciously. “We’re relying on community input so if you see people out at all hours, call police; if you see a group of juveniles in the street, call police; if you believe someone is where they shouldn’t be, call police,” he said. “We have seen a lot of chatter on social media about property crime in Tamworth but they’re not calling police, or reporting suspicious activity, they’re just taking to Facebook, and we can’t deploy police hours after to patrol.” Want more court and crime news? Subscribe to the Leader to read it here first


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