Tamworth Westpac Rescue Helicopter kept busy flying patients to and from Tamworth, Werris Creek and Glen Innes | The Northern Daily Leader

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The Westpac Rescue Helicopter has clocked thousands of kilometres of flying after floodwaters cut off some roads. It was a busy weekend for the rescue service with missions to and from Werris Creek, Glen Innes, Tamworth, Newcastle and Lismore. Some of the extra missions included transporting patients after roads were declared no-go zones for emergency services when floodwaters rose. Late on Sunday, the Tamworth-based chopper was called to Werris Creek for an elderly man who had a fall. READ ALSO: Paramedics said the 97-year-old male suffered pelvic injuries in the accident. When roads in and around Werris Creek were submerged by the weekend downpour, paramedics tasked the chopper from Tamworth. The crew stabilised the man before flying him to Tamworth hospital. Earlier that day, a 2-year-old girl suffering respiratory problems at Shannonbrook, east of Tabulam. The rescue service said the young girl was in a stable condition but the property was cut off by floodwaters. The toddler and her mother were airlifted to Lismore hospital for further treatment. On Saturday, the chopper collected an elderly man from Tamworth hospital after he severed part of his arm. The 81-year-old partially severed his wrist in an accident with a circular saw. He was flown to John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle in a serious condition. On Saturday morning, the Westpac chopper was called to Glen Innes airport to meet paramedics who were treating a man with a serious arm injury. The 44-year-old man from Emmaville reportedly impaled his wrist with a knife. He was flown to John Hunter Hospital in a serious but stable condition. Want more local news? Subscribe to the Leader to read it here first


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