Brisbane flood warning for Beenleigh, Logan River, major roads closed

PARTS of Logan and Scenic Rim are in danger of major flooding later today.

The Bureau of Meteorology said major flooding was expected at Beaudesert this evening with further forecast rainfall.

Moderate flooding is expected at Wolfdene and Beenleigh tonight.

Rapid river level rises have been recorded and are continuing at many locations across the Logan and Albert river catchments.

In the 24 hours to 9am, moderate to heavy falls of up to 100-150 mm were recorded at Beenleigh and falls of 30mm to 50mm were recorded near North Tamborine.

The Logan River at Maclean Bridge is at 6.29 metres and the bureau said it expected minor flooding in that area.

Wolffdene near the bridge is also at 5.4m and rising.

The bridge was rebuilt after the 2017 floods in April.

The Albert River at Beenleigh is at 1.92m and likely to exceed the moderate flood level of 4.5m.

Residents of Beenleigh and those living at the mouth of the Logan River have been warned about the possibility of flash flooding today.

Waterford, Greenbank, Bahrs Scrub and Chambers Flats are where roads in Logan have the worst flooding this morning.



Nine roads have been closed across the city with some of the worst flooding in Waterford near the Larry Storey Bridge, where there was major flooding in April 2017.

Morning traffic to and from Waterford’s Canterbury College was held up with a service road near the school going under.”/>
media_cameraWater over River Road at Waterford where there is expected to be flash flooding today.

Bureau of Meteorology said the Logan River at Waterford was a 1.7m at 8am and said further river rises were possible, as showers and storms and further heavy falls were forecast throughout the day.

Flashing “flooded road” signs were erected along River Rd, which runs along the Logan River and next to the Larry Storey Bridge.

Passers said they were amazed to see cars traversing the flooded road despite signs erected by the council late last week.

Nearby Pimpama St at Waterford was also flooded.

Flash flooding at Cedar Vale also cut off residents who said the local roads along the river were flooded.

The council said all nine closed roads would have to be inspected before any were reopened.

The nine major flooded roads in Logan are

Pimpama St, Waterford; Stoney Camp Road, Greenbank; Chambers Flat Rd, Chambers Flat; Rossmore Rd, Chambers Flat; Mundoolun Rd, Mundoolun; Bahrs Scrub Rd, Bahrs Scrub; Stockleigh Rd, South Maclean; Clutha Creek Rd, Mundoolun and Dairy Creek Rd Waterford.” vms-caption=”After being pummelled by heavy rain over the weekend, several states are due to have more wet and wild weather over the coming week.” vms-embedcode=”5348771529001-6131168476001″ class=”vms module”>

Stand by for even more powerful weather ahead this week

After being pummelled by heavy rain over the weekend, several states are due to have more wet and wild weather over the coming week.

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