Durex gets in bed with meme about using condoms to press lift buttons during coronavirus outbreak, Digital, Singapore News

Durex has fully embraced its meme-worthy reputation as a full-fledged protective gear against not just unplanned pregnancies but coronavirus infection, too. 

So that should explain why condoms have been flying off supermarket shelves in last weekend’s flurry of panic buying. 

During this period, Singaporeans have been extra cautious (if we’re being euphemistic) about what they touch and who’s around them. Folks are going through rather serious lengths not to touch regularly used surfaces like lift buttons and doorknobs of public toilets

But do you want to know how ridiculous things are getting? There are actual how-to articles on ways to minimise contact with lift buttons, on top of viral videos depicting people using toothpicks and lighters to hit the buttons. 

Oh, and also a widely shared clip of an elevator passenger with a condom sheathed on a finger. Who says sexually transmitted diseases are the only illnesses that condoms can keep you safe from? 

Durex Singapore — never one to turn down an opportunity for a publicity stunt — is more than happy to roll with the frivolity. In an endorsement on social media, the brand put up a series of images that teach users on how to “stay protected with Durex”. 

With the authorities advising citizens to stay indoors amid the viral outbreak, Durex also took the chance to push their products to couples who want to celebrate a not-so-quiet Valentine’s Day at home. 

But in all honesty, you don’t need to lube up the lift buttons to keep safe from an infection. All you need to do is to practice better hygiene — keep washing your hands with soap and avoid touching your face with your fingers. 


For the latest updates on the coronavirus virus, visit here.

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