Coronavirus outbreak: Armidale University of New England students trapped in China | The Northern Daily Leader

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STUDENTS from the University of New England have been trapped in China amid the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Staff at UNE have been in regular communication with the students impacted by the travel restrictions, chief operating officer Peter Creamer said. “We are providing them access to UNE’s student counselling and support services to look after their mental health and wellbeing while they are in China,” he said. “For both new and returning students we are doing everything we can to ensure they can keep studying and do not suffer any setbacks to their studies.” The university has offered online courses where possible so that students can start their courses in the first trimester. Isolation accommodation is available but no students have needed to use it yet, Mr Creamer said. “If required, isolation accommodation will be in self-contained units,” he said. “Our residential college system will be responsible for providing groceries, laundry services etc.” No cases of the deadly coronavirus have been diagnosed in regional NSW. While the regions have managed to avoided the outbreak it doesn’t mean they’re unprepared. Hunter New England Health chief executive Michael DiRienzo is regularly briefed on the situation by NSW Health chief officer Dr Kerry Chant. “The local health district’s public health unit works closely with clinicians in preparing for public health emergencies including exercising various scenarios to maximise preparedness,” a NSW Health spokesperson said. It’s not clear whether Tamworth hospital has the facilities to isolate a patient diagnosed with coronavirus. Read also: Four cases have been confirmed in NSW and while none have been in the regions, NSW Health has assured the community it has world’s best practice and facilities to deal with the virus. As of February 1, the federal government issued new restrictions against those who have been exposed to coronavirus. Want more local news? Subscribe to the Leader to read it here first

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