The Pub Group reveals it has ‘no plans’ for the Good Companions Hotel | The Northern Daily Leader

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THE owners of one of Tamworth’s most iconic venues have no intentions of reopening the hotel anytime soon. The Good Companions Hotel has stood idle since 2015 after former lessee Glentress Investments Pty Ltd went into administration. Since then, the Fitzroy Street building has been purchased by the Pub Group. Read Also: However, the Pub Group’s Craig Power said there was no immediate plans to reopen the venue commonly known as the Goodies. “There’s a fair bit happening in the CBD [central business district] at the moment,” Mr Power told the Leader. “Our aim at the moment is to focus on our other venues. “We’re not sure what the future will hold, but there are no plans for the Good Companions at the moment.” Sign up to receive The Leader’s breaking news and top stories straight to your inbox.

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