Rain brings tourists back to New England North West region: Apsley Falls flowing again | The Northern Daily Leader

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BUCKETS of rain have not just burst river banks but enticed tourists back to the region. It’s the first time in two years Walcha Information Centre volunteer Fay Lawler has seen water run through the Apsley Falls. “They are falling and they’re huge and powerful, there’s been nothing there for two years and now it’s all green with a bit of sun to follow it,” she said. “I’m here once a month on Sunday mornings and rarely has anyone popped in for a while but we have had a few people today. “A lot of people like to drop in and they’ve started to come back and visit the town.” Read also: The rain has brought relief to communities across the New England North West region and taken places that were once on Level 5 restrictions, like Weemelah, off water restrictions all together. Want more local news? Subscribe to the Leader to read it here first


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