Survivor Romania: MMA fighter Ana Pal headbutt broken nose | video

Good luck surviving this shot at tribal council.

A female MMA fighter competing on the Romanian edition of Survivor has been removed from the show after breaking the nose of a male contestant with a savage headbutt.

Ana Maria Pal, 26, from Bacau, had just lost a challenge when a man from an opposing team got in her face — and paid the price.”/>
media_cameraThe competitors needed to hit targets.

Pal, who according to MMA website Tapology has two wins from five fights as a professional flyweight and last fought in September last year, showed the precision that was missing during the throwing challenge by landing a pinpoint Liverpool kiss on his honker.

The blow landed perfectly on his”/>
media_cameraThe blow landed perfectly on his nose.

The victim, Andrei Ciobanul, went down holding his face — and stayed down.

According to reports, Pal said “he deserves it” but was immediately lost her place on the show being filmed in the Dominican Republic for getting physical with another competitor.

Man down, man”/>
media_cameraMan down, man down.

Another Romanian fighter, Diana Belbita, who has also appeared on Survivor in her country and made her debut in the UFC last year, condemned the violence.

“I cannot agree with the gesture tonight of Ana Maria Pal,” she wrote on Instagram. “It is not a typical gesture for performance fighters and I would like to avoid generalising.

“If Ana made this gesture, she’s the only one who takes it … This is not a typical gesture for a fighter, Ana Maria is the only one who assumes the consequences.”

The brutal aftermath of the”/>
media_cameraThe brutal aftermath of the shot.

Originally published as Man’s nose broken as Survivor gets violent

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