Boss in Malaysia smashes phone of employee fixated on selfies and TikTok, Malaysia News

When the cat is away, the mice will play. But skiving off work doesn’t come without consequences.

A woman in Malaysia recently landed herself in hot water after she was caught excessively using her phone during office hours.

A video capturing the moment of her boss smashing her phone to pieces was shared onto Facebook on Feb 28.

According to Says, the boss had received a complaint from the woman’s colleagues. In the clip, she was seen approaching the employee, intending to discuss the matter. But she was ignored for 15 minutes instead.

Melarang staff berselfie,Tik Tok dah tepat…selebihnya korang tolong bagi sepatah dua kata di ruangan komen.- Perak Press-

Geplaatst door Bagan Serai Kampung HalamanKu op Vrijdag 28 februari 2020

The boss could be heard yelling: “I have been [standing] in front of you for almost 15 minutes! No wonder, your friends told me that you’re so preoccupied with your selfies and your TikTok.”

Throughout the tirade, the employee kept her head down, still looking at the phone in her hands.

“When it is time to work, I expect you to work. Not this!” the boss reprimanded.

She then held out her hand, demanding that the employee surrender her phone. The latter attempted to protest but eventually handed over the device.

Without a second word, her boss threw the phone onto the floor, smashing it and leaving her to pick up the pieces.

The video, which has since been shared onto multiple social media pages, had netizens divided.

While some thought that the boss had gone too far in damaging her employee’s personal belongings for the sake of disciplining her, others commented that the woman should be thankful that she only lost her phone and not her job.


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