Jessika Power plastic surgery: MAFS star reveals enormous cost of procedures

Married At First Sight alum Jessika Power has revealed the enormous amount she’s paid for plastic surgery in recent years, estimating that her procedures have totalled more than $60,000.

The controversial “cheating bride” from last year’s season has been open about her enhancements since appearing on the show, this week sharing exactly what she’s had done.

According to The Daily Telegraph, over the last 18 months, Jessika has had her lips dissolved and reinjected, cheeks filled, Botox injected in her jaw, veneers and Botox in her forehead at a total cost of around $60,400.

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Telling the publication about her cosmetic journey, Jessika said: “I used to do beauty editorial photoshoots, and photographers always said one lip was smaller. I did not want to conform to the whole modelling thing but I started noticing it more, the more it was brought up,” the 28-year-old influencer said.

But after having her lips filled the first time, she didn’t get the desired result.

“I had it done and they completely botched the procedure. Being young I thought it would get fixed if I had more filler in it,” she explained.

This is why the star then had her lips “dissolved”, a procedure which reportedly costs $1100.

Jessika has had her lips re-injected twice since, which costs $800 each time.

She went on to explain that her most recent breast augmentation came at the suggestion of her surgeon after consulting him for a “problem with her thighs”.

“My doctor said he could take it out and put it in my breasts to make them fuller,” she said, revealing that it cost $13,500.

Jessika’s forehead, cheek and jaw botox cost $42,000, while her veneers were a whopping $40,000.”/>
media_cameraJessika Power recently went under the knife for a breast augmentation, where fat was transferred from her thighs to her chest. Picture: Instagram.

The reality star-turned Instagram influencer was slammed on social media last month for throwing her support behind the Cookie Diet, an unusual weight-loss method health professionals have labelled unsustainable that was first popularised in the US a decade ago.

Jess promoted the diet in an Instagram post in February, writing that the cookies contain a “special blend of proteins (which) turn it into an appetite suppressant”.

“All I really wanted was something to curb my cravings, suppress my hunger and maintain my weight … I’ve been working out harder and having the energy during the day to be active, but I’ve lost the craving to constantly want to snack!” Power wrote in the caption.

But it didn’t take long for the MAFS star to be slammed from spruiking the diet.

“This is all bulls**t,” one person commented on her post, while another added: “You should not be promoting fad diets like this!!”

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Jessika Power appeared on the 2019 season of MAFS. Picture:”/>
media_cameraJessika Power appeared on the 2019 season of MAFS. Picture: Instagram.

During her season of MAFS, Jess rocked the experiment with a controversial partner-swap – striking up a relationship with Dan Webb behind her TV spouse Mick Gould’s back.

Dan and Jess broke up just days after the MAFS finale aired in an explosive TV segment, which saw the couple fight through a live interview on Talking Married.

Now, Jess is living the Instagram influencer life, plugging – among many things – sex toys and beauty products.

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